Material & Dimensions
Anodized Aluminum
Screw Top - Square Space
Outside 28mm diameter x 10.2mm height
1.1" diameter x .4" height
11 grams
Inside 17mm x 17mm x 6.5mm Rounded
Integral Keychain Hole 1.8mm

Waterproof with the o-ring - Accidental Exposure Only

Compatible with:
Micro SD, Micro SIM, Nano SIM, Samsung UFS, any card that fits.

General Instructions
Pad your container to reduce rattles and friction. A little bit of tissue or foam.

Do not overfill or you will crush contents.
Keep from children - choking hazard.

Micro SD Instructions
Stack your cards in the case. Pad to prevent movement.

The Keychain Vault micro SD case does not have slots. New cards will have different requirements, and you can mix and match with SIM cards or other items. The microSD cards are 15mm x 11mm x 1mm and lay flat in the canister. It's best to pad them.

Designed in Texas
Made in China

What micro SD do you recommend?
Recommended microSD are Samsung, SanDisk, and Lexar. Be careful where you buy them. B&H and Best Buy are reliable.

Backing Up Your Drive or Files
Check your disk usage, and if your actual usage is less than an available micro SD card, you can probably copy it all to a card. Each system is different, but if you have a 256GB SSD laptop, and are using 100GB, you can probably copy it all to a single 128GB micro SD card using a backup program. If you just need to copy a directory, check it's size, and copy it with your regular copy paste. With new USB 3 ports, it's pretty fast.

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