The Keychain Vault V1 holds 6 microSD or similar cards.

Do you really know you have a good copy of your files?

Anodized aluminum with an o-ring.

Purpose built for microcards. The ultimate air gap.

Order The Keychain Vault, save with a 6-pack. Encrypt files and distribute them to your leadership team.

"Hold Your Cards Close"

$20.00 Model V-1

$100.00 Model V-1 (Qty 6)

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Shipping / Ordering FAQ

Why the Keychain Vault ?
I could not find the right keychain case for the microSD I use for file backups and for devices that use microSD on the go. Lots of crappy plastic ones or pill bottles that are not the right proportion or too big.

Why is it square inside?
I wanted the split ring attachment inset. With the split ring removed, they stack into a medicine bottle or film canister beautifully.

Incredible Disaster Recovery
The small storage format microcards have been evolving quickly and 1TB, 512GB, and 128GB cards are now readily available with prices dropping weekly. Phone SIM cards also fit, important for international travelers.

Holding six cards with some padding, it's a unique data security gadget. Encrypt your financials and hand them to your leadership team. If disaster strikes, you've got pretty good odds that someone will have their Keychain Vault on their keychain.


How big is it?
The V1 is just over an inch wide, and less than 1/2 inch tall. Anodized aluminum with an O-ring.

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